Saturday, January 24, 2015

Write this piece! Assignment #1 winners!!

I was really excited to get 3 entries this week! They were all SUPER and I had a really hard time "judging" them! :) Thank you everyone for entering ! :D

First place goes to Calamity Rene!
It was an awesome piece! Really close to the original, and it just went so great with the music. If I closed my eyes I could see it with the music as a movie :) Anyway, it was really great!
Great Job, Calamity Rene!

Meadow Discovery
By Calamity Rene
 Tatyana reined her horse in. She motioned for Volodya to stop, her eyes scanning the surrounding countryside. Ahead of her was the open meadow that lead to Warsaw, surrounded by forests and trees. Within the trees they were safe- no one could see them. Out there…
“Well?” Volodya looked at her questioningly.
She held her finger to her lips to signal silence. She looked around once more. Something is not right. 
Medved’ began to toss his head up and down, snorting. So did Volodya’s horse. They smelled something. They sensed something. And that something was not friendly.
Tingles went down Tanya’s spine. She remembered this feeling. The feeling that someone was watching you, knowing that if you went ahead certain death was awaiting. This was the same sense that had overcome her when she’d rode out to stop the truck two months ago. Yet she couldn’t see a thing out in the meadow.
A movement. Her sharp eyes caught sight of a black figure- and she knew.
“Run!” she screeched, kicking Medved’ and running straight into Kurchavvy. Kurchavvy screeched his displeasure. Volodya reined him in.
A gunshot sounded. The bullet whizzed by her head, hitting the tree right behind her. Shouts of “Halt!” reached their ears- in German. They’d found them.
Tanya spurred Medved’ on. He reared and shot off, Kurchavvy right on his heels.
“Halt! Halt in the name of the Gestapo!”
Gestapo! Her heart leaped into her throat. More shots. They rode deeper and deeper into the woods at a breakneck speed, racing through the trees and weaving through bends. The dreaded sound Tanya had been waiting for came- motorbikes. They were closing in.
“Run, Medved’! Heyaaaa!” she cried.
Medved’ couldn’t lengthen his stride anymore even if he wanted to. 
Volodya shouted over the thundering hoofs, “They’re gaining on us!”
They had to have known about the pick up. Why else would they be waiting exactly where they were to meet the new refugee? They had planned this out, they were not going to let them escape!
Tanya knew even before they turned the bend which would lead them back to the safe-house that a motorcade would be waiting. It was too late. She and Volodya reined their horses to a stop, putting their hands up as a dozen guns were pointed in their direction. The two motorcycles from behind closed in, the men leaping off and withdrawing their rifles.
Tanya’s gaze fell onto the Major, his smug grin sickening her to the very core of her being. Oh, dear God, please, not him! Anyone but him!
“Well, well,” Major Hoffman chuckled, his hands behind his back. His black Gestapo uniform gave off a million forebodings and threats. She did her best to remain calm and show no fear. “Tatyana Dimitrievna Melnikova. It is a pleasure to see you once more.”
Dear God, if you can save us from this, please, do so! Please, don’t let Hoffman bring us in!
She swallowed and leveled her eyes at him. “Major Emil Hoffman. I cannot say the same for you.
He laughed. An evil, hollow laugh.

Second place goes to Rebekah E.!
I love the different take on the music, but like Calamity Rene's, it takes place during war time. It was shorter, but it was a great piece! Her's didn't have a name, so I named it for her. (I hope you don't mind, Rebekah :)
Great Job, Rebekah!

Vital Delivery
By Rebekah E.
Mary reined in her horse, Sky, and glanced behind her. So far, so good. “We’ve made it this far Sky,” She whispered. “Can we make it the rest of the way?”
Her horse looked back at her, confident in her mistress’s judgment. Why are you hesitating? She seemed to ask. Let’s go!
Mary smiled and eased Sky into a quiet trot. She was riding bareback so the sound of metal wouldn’t attract attention.
The two of them were delivering a vital message to her father, who was a general. His military camp was located just beyond the distant hills, but to get there, Mary and Sky had to ride through a stretch of enemy territory. She and her horse were now halfway through, and there had not been any sign of an enemy patrol yet.
Just as Mary was beginning to think that the message might be delivered before sunrise, a shout came from behind her.
“Halt! Who goes there?”
Immediately, Mary leaned down over Sky and urged her into a gallop. Her stomach seemed to sink into the very toes of her boots with fear, but at the same time, a thrill of excitement ran through her.
“Here’s what we’ve been expecting, Sky. Give me your best!”
Sky answered with a renewed burst of speed. Mary heard scattered gun shots behind her, but she ducked down next to the throbbing muscles and flying mane of her horse.
The chase continued across a meadow and through a wood, but Mary and Sky kept their lead. None of the enemy horses could match the courageous speed of Sky. Mary felt another thrill run through her, but this time, it was a thrill of love for her horse.
Finally, Mary saw her father’s camp in front of them. She shouted as she approached, and the guard recognized her voice, letting Sky thunder by him as he fired his own gun at the enemy patrol.
Relief poured over Mary as she slipped off of Sky’s back and into her father’s arms. “This is for you father.” She said, and handed the vital message over to him triumphantly.

In Third place is Bethany! 
Her piece is different then the other two, but I love how they all use the same principle: Girls and their horses! (Well, the music might have given that away ;) 
I also love how it ends up being a dream. She did a great job of making it sound real. . .and then you learn that it's a dream!  Her's didn't have a name either, so I named it as well :D
Great Job, Bethany!

The Trying Ordeal
By Bethany
Katie urged her horse into a canter as she let her tears freely flow. “God, why!” she sobbed, “Why do they have to get a divorce! God, please!”
        For how long she cantered Katie didn't know nor was she aware of how far away from home she was. Eventually, her tears subsided and Katie looked around curiously. “Hmm, I wonder where we are? Where did you take me, boy?” she murmured to her horse as she gently pulled him to a stop.
        Looking around Katie thought that this place was like somewhere she had been once before, “No, that's not possible. I've never been this far away on my own,” she thought, and never into a forest.”
        Suddenly, the horse's head pulled up from grazing as his hears attentively searched toward the north. Katie, knowing how sensitive horses ears are, paid close attention to the animal. “What is is, boy?”
        From then on it all happened so fast that Katie would later remember very little. A twig snapped, leaves rustled, a bearded man appeared out of the eerie forest astride a large quarter horse, and her horse bolted. Katie, not knowing why her horse fled, tried to slow him but he refused. Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed the man chasing her as he withdrew a gun from in his saddlebag, “Come back here!” his command was lost as Katie now urged her horse faster.
        Sneaking a peek behind her, Katie realized that the man had gained on them quite a bit, “Hurry-up, boy! Let's go!” Katie screamed.
        Crashing through the trees and underbrush, Katie's horse suddenly reared up to his full height and wheeled around to face this pursuer since he could travel no further. Nearly falling off as her horse turned, Katie saw that they were at the edge of a cliff. Struggling back into the saddle she heard a gunshot and felt the wind of it go right past her horse, causing him to rear again before Katie got a good-enough grip. “Help!” she cried as she fell. Down, down, down. Screaming, screaming, screaming.
        “Darling, Katie, wake-up! You're okay. It's just a dream.” Katie's mother stroked her daughter's hair as she gradually woke up and her tears subsided.
        “Oh, mom. It's you!” Katie burst into more tears, this time of relief. Everything was okay. It was just a dream. Her parents loved each other. . .and her.

Great job, everyone! I had a lot of fun with the first "Write this Piece"! I hop you all did as well. So what do you think? Should I do another one?
I can't wait to hear :D


  1. Sure, why not? Do another! I had fun! Good job Calamity Rene and Rebeka!

  2. This is so much fun! Congrats Bethany and Rebekah. :) I liked your pieces. Haha, we all did horse pieces. ;)
    Yes, do another! It's fun to be able to enter these. :)

    1. When are you doing another "caption this" or "write this piece" on your blog, Calamity Rene?

  3. No, I don't mind you naming my story. :) It was so fun to do this! Thanks for hosting it, Jesseca! :D