Thursday, January 1, 2015


Wow. . .can y'all believe we've started yet another year?!
It seems that not to long ago we started 2014!
It's been a busy year for me. . . I'll so a post about that when I'm feeling a little better(6 of us are down with strep throat no fun, but looking on the bright side, the year can only get better!;)
I hope y'all  have a blessed day and an amazing year!!!
2015. . .what will it hold???


  1. Happy New Year, Jesseca! I hope you are all feeling better really soon. It's no fun to start a new year sick. But just think, tomorrow is Friday (at least I think it is) and you'll get to read the first part of a new story on my blog. :)

  2. Happy New Year! Our family has the cold right now, so I can feel for you! :( Strep is no fun! Praying that y'all get better!

    1. This is the sick part of the year. As of today we are over stomach flu. Hope no one gets sick tomorrow. My mom also has strep throat...
      Hope you get well soon!
      Happy new years!

  3. Well, I guess this is the New Year where everyone got sick at the same time. I too, am sick with a cold. But I've had it for over a week and a half now, it just hasn't gotten better. I hope you and your family get better soon. Strep throat is horrible! Praying that you're healed soon and that you get to read lots of books while you're sick. ;)
    Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one!

  4. I had strep a few months back. NOT fun!!