Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Write this piece! Assignment #1

Music is very inspiring. You can listen to something and it may create an image in your mind that you have to draw. If you're a writer like me, music helps you write scenes for your stories.
I really enjoy Movie Soundtrack. Soundtrack is the music that plays in the back of a movie or a TV show. If the music is exceptional, odds are you're not even going to hear it playing while the movie is going on. That means it did it's job- it's so subtle and fits the scene so well you didn't even hear the 
(Thanks Calamity Rene for letting my "borrow" your idea  and introduction :)
Now here is a challenge for everyone! 
Write up a scene based on this soundtrack.
I've added a blogger contact form that you can use to send me your scenes, or you can send them to me through my email(for those of you who have my email ;)
You have until Friday, January 23rd. On Saturday I will post the entries in the order I feel goes best with the music.
Have fun!


  1. So excited! I already wrote my piece. B-)

  2. That sounds like fun! Not sure if I'll have time to write something, but I'll see. :)

  3. I've finally got my creative juices going! I have an idea. . . Calamity Rene, when are you going to do another?

    1. Soon, very soon. :) I'm working on picking a new piece of music. Jesseca's music piece is so awesome- because I hosted the other "write this piece: assignment" I didn't get to enter. Now I can! :D