Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review! Come What May

Hey y'all! Is everyone back into the normal routine? I know my family is!
I have a few posts I need to catch up on. . .hopefully coming this weekend! And now here is the review for this week!

Author: Peter Edward Forbes
Genre: Fiction

If college student Caleb Hogan argues what he truly believes, he stands to lose the most important competition of his life--and the support of his mother. If he softens his stance, he might win the coveted title . . . but lose the heart of his teammate Rachel in the process. While his mother prepares for her high-profile abortion case before the Supreme Court, Caleb discovers the strength of the pro-life argument in preparation for the National Moot Court Championship. In life-and-death legal cases, can there truly be a winner? COME WHAT MAY is a vivid reminder that choosing what's right is never easy . . . but it's always worth the cost. 

I really, really enjoyed both the book and the movie! It has a powerful message of love, forgiveness and the sanctity of life. I also really enjoyed all the legal part of it. The cases, hearings arguments etc. 
It is a book I would recommend to anyone, but especially someone who enjoys legal issues, debate etc.

Well, There it is! I hope you enjoyed. Have you read the book or watched the movie? See y'all later this week!!


  1. I absolutely love the movie "Come What May" though I didn't care for the book. Maybe it was just me. :)

  2. That sounds really interesting! Have you ever read "Glory, Duty, & the Gold Dome"? It's a similar story, and I think you would enjoy it. (Although, I should warn you, it is pretty sad at points...but everything turns out in the end, don't worry! :P)

    1. I meant "Glory, Duty, & the Golden Dome", sorry about that... :)

    2. Sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out :)

    3. Yep, I read that one too. Some parts I really liked, some parts were sad, as Rebekah mentioned, and there were some that I got so mad at some of the characters that I wanted to jump in the book and do something. :P
      Okay, so I do get involved when I'm reading a book. :)