Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You know. . .

Hey everyone! I know I've missed a couple of the more routine posts. (I'm hoping to get caught up this week!) I thought I'd do a different post today. I'm the eldest in a family of 8 kids and these are some very real things that happen in our family :-) So without further ado, I present, You know you're part of a large family when. . .

1. Your youngest sibling is 14 years younger then you.

2. All you want is quiet!

3. You find yourself doubling and tripling  recipes so there is enough for everyone to eat.

4. You want more time alone, but when you get it you miss your siblings/family so much you wish they were all there with you!

5.  There never seems to be a spare moment

6. The house is always busy. So busy it seems that you wouldn't miss a couple people, but when they'er gone the house seems strangely quiet even with everyone else still home.

7. When a family (friends of ours) come over, they refer to everything as "controlled chaos"  ( I think we all agreed  ;)

8. The house can be cleaned within 30 minutes because of how many people there are to clean.

9. You are the official (and sometimes unofficial!) babysitter.

10. You wouldn't change a thing about your busy, full, happy life!!


  1. Love it! I can't say I know what that is really like since I am the youngest of three, but I do have a great imagination. :)

  2. AMEN!! That is totally true! :) I'm the fourth born in a family of ten, so I agree with all of those! :) This was so fun to read! :P

  3. I was the fourth to youngest, but this still runs true in my family. B-) Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Most of this is true in my family too.......

  5. Even in a family of four, counting parents, quite a bit of this is similar! I got a laugh out of reading, thanks for sharing!