Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review--The Eleventh Hour

Author: Michael Philips

Genre: Historical fiction

n 1930’s pre-war Prussia, Baron von Dortmann lives an idyllic life with his daughter Sabina. A devoted gardener and father, the Baron teaches his daughter powerful lessons about life, creation, and God’s love during treasured walks in the estate’s beautiful gardens.
But Sabina is growing up, and the Baron’s beloved Prussia is changing. Now a beautiful young woman, Sabina has caught the eye of a handsome young American, Matthew as well as their neighbor, Gustuv. Meanwhile, a cloud is gathering on the horizon as the Nazis seize power in neighboring Germany. As he strives to protect his family and follow his own moral compass, Baron von Dortmann will face heart-wrenching decisions—with only God’s guidance to light the way.

I love, love, love, LOVE this book! Seriously, I can't say how much I love it!! It's a really good book. There are a couple scenes that are graphic/violent, but other then that it is defiantly a book I would recommend. I love how it's the whole family involved throughout the book, the strong christian values/message that's upheld throughout the book, and the father's guidance through the entire book. Anyway, I just can't say how much I love it! ;)


  1. Would you mind telling us again why you love it? ;)

  2. Do you want it chronologically or in order of importance? ;)

  3. Hmm...the title somehow sounds familiar... ;P

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