Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve.

Hey Y'all! I thought I'd do a quick post about my year 2013 plus the two songs that have been "my songs" this year.

January: My little brother Jesse turned 1. Dad was tested for cancer and the test came back negative

February: My sister, Sarah turned 10 and my brother, Caleb turned 7.

March: My sister Faith turned 12. Dad was put on antibiotics for the enlarged lymph node that hadn't gone down.
 April: Beautiful spring here in KS! Cool weather and sunny days.

May:  My brother Cameron turned 3. Dad was off antibiotics but, since the lymph node was still enlarged he went back in for tests.

June: Dad and Mom celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary!

 July: I turned 15. More of Dad's test came up negative.

August: Benjamin turned 9. Dad had surgery to have his lymph node removed. They came up positive for Cancer.

September: Kezzy turned 6. More tests. Dad and Mom set appointment's in Seattle, WA for dad to be seen by a specialist.

October: Mom and dad went to Seattle for 2 weeks. Our Aunt, Cousin and Grandmother from CA came to stay with us. We had fun!

November: Dad started radiation. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a family from our church. We had fun and A lot to be thankful for!

December: We celebrated Christmas with the same family. We had such a blessed time singing and playing instruments together.

Through this whole journey I have been blessed to see the Lord working through my life and my family. I hope you all had as blessed a year as I did! I truly praise the Lord for how he has worked in our live. My promise through this year  has been "God never moves without purpose or plan when trying his servant or molding a man'
God is King of all creation!
May you all have a blessed 2014!


  1. happy new year's eve

  2. Happy New Year, Jesseca!
    May the Lord bless your family in an extra special way this coming year!

  3. That one picture of only Sarah. She looks so much like your mom! Happy New year!!!!

  4. Happy New Year! Wow, you have a lot of siblings!