Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chapter 1: A prank...and a Visitor.

Here is chapter 1 in my second fan story. I haven't completed it so I'll post one  (maybe two!) chapters a week. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Please note that it is currently unedited.

Chapter 1 A Prank......And a Visitor

14 year-old Andi opened the door of the barn and looked at the row of stalls ahead of her. Sighing, she picked up the shovel and pitchfork, set them in the wheelbarrow and opened the door to the first stall.    Chad had made sure Mitch was far away so Andi would have no chance to get out of work.
It's a pity the horses can't clean up after themselves! Andi muttered.
She was finishing the last stall when the door to the barn swung open. Looking up, Andi saw Chad walking toward the tack room. Andi quickly finished the stall and quietly walked to the tack room. Chad was busy selecting a saddle and had his back to her. She tiptoed up behind him, snatched his hat off his head and ran laughing out of the barn. Just then someone came around the corner of the barn. Andi tried to stop but it was to late and they both fell onto the ground.
"What in the world are you doing running like that?"
Andi looked up,"Chad? But,but you can't be here! You were just in the tack room!"
"What are you talking about Andi? I just came from the house. Have you gotten Jem a horse yet?" Suddenly the awful reality hit Andi. "Oh no!" she groaned.
"What is the matter? Are you hurt?"  asked Chad.
"No, this is the matter." She said, holding up the hat.
"Where did you get that?" Chad asked.
"I thought you were the one in the tack room. It must have been the Jem you were talking about. I grabbed his hat and locked him in the barn!" Andi explained
"You did what!' Exclaimed Chad, nearly running to the barn and opening the door. "Jem are you alright?" he called. 
Jem walked out and Andi gasped. Jem looked almost exactly like Chad..
"Yeah, I'm fine."  he chuckled. "I think I must have been the target of a joke although I'm not sure I understand why."
Chad looked grim. "Well My sister Andi here thought that you were me. So, She decided to play a little prank." Turning to Andi he asked, "What got into you Andi? You were supposed to be cleaning the stalls."
"I finished the stalls and when I saw you or when I thought I saw you I just thought it would be funny. I'm real sorry, Mr. Jem I really didn't know it was you."
Looking up, she saw the twinkle in Jem's eye. He began to chuckle then he looked at Chad and they both began to laugh. Andi looked at them bewildered.
"You remember how Ellie was when you and your father came to visit all those years ago?" Jem asked Chad. "This is just something she would have done!"
"I remember. I told you she reminded me of my sister Kate. Well, she also reminds me of my little sister Andi now!"
Andi looked wonderingly at Chad. "Your not angry with me?"
"Well all's well that ends well! Although, I have to say had I been the object of that joke I would have been upset!"
"Well," Chad said turning to Jem. "If you want to see the ranch, we'd better get started. Mother expects us back for lunch! Andi, since you are finished with your chores, would you like to saddle Taffy up and go with us? Then when you got back you can go meet Ellie."
"Would I ever!"  Andi exclaimed. "I can saddle up Taffy,Sky and another horse for Jem in no time!
Chad chuckled. "You just go and saddle up Taffy. I can saddle Sky and I am sure that if you show, Jem, Patches stall, he can saddle him up. I think he is already acquainted with the tack room!"


  1. Good start! :) It sounds like this will be a fun story. :)

  2. Awesome! I love your new background too :D