Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Traditions.

Hey y'all!
So while I'm frantically trying to think up the next 1,000+ words for the contest story before December 31st,  I thought I'd do a post about a few of my family's Christmas traditions.

Every year we make a large batch of hot cocoa mix. We all have fun adding the marshmallows then scooping it with spoons into the different jars. When that's done we choose different colored squares of fabric to put under the ring of the jar. We usually end up with 5-7 jars depending on how big a batch we make. Then we get either a Christmas gift box or a basket and we put the a jar of cocoa in each one. We also get an orange and poke it full of cloves to put in the basket. (My younger brothers love playing with the cloves! :)
Once that is finished we tie the basket/box with a ribbon and take one around to each of the neighbors on our street. It's a lot of fun to do and It's also a great way to share God's love with others!

While most people open their gift's on Christmas morning, my family open's the majority of them on Christmas eve. The reason being is my grandparents were missionaries in Brazil, South America and they lived at the mission with quite a few other missionary families. Every Christmas eve,  all the families in the Mission would get together and have a light meal then open their gifts together. That's how my dad grew up so we've just continued the tradition even though we live in the states. On Christmas eve we go to our grandparent's house, have a light meal my Grandma has prepared, then open gifts.

Another Christmas tradition is every year our family sit's around the living room and goes through the Gospel for Asia catalog. We talk about how blessed we are and how much we have to be thankful for. Dad also tells us stories of how it was in Brazil. How little children would come to the mission begging for food for them or for their families because they were so hungry. Then we go through the catalog and pick out items to bless others and to give them a Merry Christmas. It's a wonderful way to bless others and share the gospel with those in other Counties.

Well, those are a few of our family traditions! I'd love if you'd tell me what some of your's are in a comment :) !!


  1. that sounds like a fun way to celebrate you will have to post pic's!!!

  2. Traditions. Hmm. Well, for every Christmas since I was born my family has headed up to the KC area where my mom's parents live and all her siblings and families gather for several days of relaxing and fun. Since we are the closest family to my grandparents, we've always got up either on Christmas day or Christmas Eve to help get things ready and taken to the camp where we stay. Things are a little different this year. It will be my first Christmas where I've spent the whole day at home. Not sure what we'll do.

    We do have a few other traditions such as eating nut bread and cinnamon bread on Christmas morning. You can read about it here

    And then of course I read my favorite Christmas books. :)

    Your traditions sound delightful.