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Write this Piece assignment winners!!

Wow. . .all the entries were amazing!! And they all literally fit perfectly with the music. PERFECTLY! I mean, seriously Like every time I read a new one I was like "That's first place!" :) But of course, you probably want to to judge them *sigh* so here goes! I ordered them the way I think fit the music best; they all fit it amazingly, so I had to be reallyyy picky!

First place goes to Faith P. I read her piece and yeah. . .first, it was written during WWII, which is awesome! :D Second, it was so intense. Like I was sitting on the edge of my seat to see if David and the other men would get safely away. Great job, Faith!!

Never Leave Your Partner
By Faith
With special thanks to my little brother.

German POW Camp
Germany, 1944

David's heart was keeping time with the hammer in the hand of the GI, three men to his left. You've got to get ahold of yourself, he thought.
The plan had been made the previous night. Everything was worked out. All he had to do was wait and pay attention to his surroundings. For now he went back to helping string the barbed wire, repairing where the fencing around the prison was missing.
A few moments later their chance came. When the sentry was opposite them, his back turned, Clayton gave the signal.
David and the two men on either side of him, Adam and Joshua, (who were also in on the plan) released the barbed wire. Without the tension they'd had on it, the wire spiraled backwards and slashed into several of the Nazi guards.
"Run!" Clayton screamed. And run they did. Through the break in the confinement and out into the wide, open field beyond.
Realizing their prisoners were escaping, the Nazi soldiers opened fire. The wretched sound of their MP40 submachine guns filled the air.
David felt the impact as the bullets slammed into his right leg and shoulder. As he crumpled to the ground he saw that his partners weren't any better off. David wasn't sure what happened or how long he'd laid there, but next thing he knew Clayton was coming towards him.
Clayton army-crawled his way over to him.
"Clayton, are you hit?"
Clayton nodded to his arm. "Yeah, but I'll be okay."
"What about Adam?"
"He took a few hits, but I don't think he's as bad off as you." Clayton looked him over. "You alright, David?"
David didn't answer. "Where's Joshua?"
"Joshua...didn't make it, David."
David groaned.
Clayton glanced around. "They probably think we're all dead. We've got to get out of this open field before they send someone out to check and be sure."
David was battling to remain conscious. "You and Adam go on. I-"
"We're not leaving you, David."
"I'll slow ya down." David argued.
Clayton ignored him. "I don't care if we crawl across this open field, we're going together."
Adam made his way over to them. "Come on, David. We can make it. If we can just get into the trees, we'll be scot free."
And so, relying on each other, the three crawled across the remainder of the field and into the seclusion of the forest.
Adam pulled himself up against the trunk of a large tree. "We've got to keep going or they'll find us."
"I know," Clayton looked over at David.
"I can't..." David ground out. The pain and exhaustion was too much.
Clayton turned to Adam. "Can you walk if I carry him?"
"Yeah," Adam said. "But, Clayton-"
"Wouldn't he do the same for either of us?"
Adam nodded. "You know he would."
Clayton moved back to David. He pulled David up and draped him across his shoulder. With his other arm, he supported Adam.

They made their way through the dense woods as fast as the Nazi bullets they'd collected would allow.

Second place goes to Emily McConnell! Loved her piece! I mean, it was amazing. It was WWII as well. . .so what's not to like??? The only problem I had with it was, WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE THIS SCENE?? B-)
But that didn't affect how I judged it ;) It fit with the music and it was amazing! Great job, Emily!

Fervent Revenge
Emily McConnell

They could hear shouts. They heard the sound of gunshots. They’d hold their breath, wondering if perhaps their attacker had met his demise.
But then came the sound both were dreading to hear. Footsteps, fist making contact with door, a slash of a sword as it broke the wood around the doorknob.
The Major swore under his breath. “Stupid Cossack. Doesn’t he know I can have him sent to the camp for this? Oh, I’ll do much more to him when I’m through with this idiot!”
Hoffmann aimed the gun and fired, missing his target and hitting the top of the door-frame. The bullet bounced off and hit the light, plunging the room into darkness. At the same second, the door burst open. A figure flung itself forward, tackling Hoffmann with lightning fast movements. Both crashed to the floor, Hoffmann barely able to kick the sword out of the Cossack’s hand as he tried to bring it down on him. Nastya screeched, stumbling out of the way of the two fighting figures.
Hoffmann tried to aim the gun at the head of the Cossack, but he knocked it out of his hand. With ease, the young Major kicked his attacker off of him, much to his own surprise. He didn’t have time to register the lightness of his opponent, though, as the man went on the offensive once more, diving for Hoffmann’s neck.
The German flipped himself around and wrestled the Cossack to the ground. He became aware that the Russian was wearing a handkerchief, an odd trait for a Cossack. But before he could rip it off the man’s face, the Cossack flipped himself over and pinned Hoffmann down once more, jerking a knife out of his belt and pressing it against Hoffmann’s neck.
“Enough!” the Cossack spat in a gravelly voice.
Hoffmann chuckled. “What are you going to do, Cossack? Are you going to kill me? Do you realize whom you deal with?”
A lantern was lit. Like a ghost from a horror story, the next thing either man knew, Nastya stood over the Cossack with Hoffmann’s gun in her hands. 
“Drop the knife,” Nastya threatened.
The Cossack hesitated, his knife still firmly pressed against Hoffmann’s neck.
“Oh, you’re a dead man now, Cossack,” Hoffmann taunted.
The Russian growled and pressed harder. “I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long, Hoffmann, longer than you realize!”
He spoke in broken German, but it wasn’t the words that caused Hoffmann to jolt. This Cossack didn’t sound like a man.
“Drop the knife, or I’ll shoot you!” Nastya screeched, unaware of her husband’s new development.
With a quick jerk that the Cossack wasn’t expecting, Hoffmann ripped the hankie off his face. He stared into the eyes of his attacker, and she glared back at him. Nastya gasped and dropped the gun, stepping back.
“No. No, it can’t be. Tanya?” Nastya whispered hoarsely.
Hoffmann let a small smile cross his face. Then he grinned, a laugh escaping from his lips. “Tatyana Dimitrievna Melnikova,” he snickered. “We thought the Communists killed you.”
“I’ll kill you,” she snarled.
“Tanya! Why are you doing this? Tanya, I thought you were my friend!” Nastya began to cry.
“I have no fight with you, Nastya.”
“You used to be such a quiet and thoughtful girl. I thought you’d been killed. What’s happened to you, Tanya?”
Hoffmann moved an inch, and Tanya shoved his head back. “You’re far from the timid Cossack girl I knew before,” Hoffmann jeered.
“You murderer. You killer. You cold-blooded Nazi. How can you live with yourself? Look at how many people you’ve killed! You sent them to their deaths! You shot them! You ordered their executions! You are a murderer!” Tears streamed down Tanya’s face. She gritted her teeth passionately. “I should kill you now. I should kill you and make sure you never hurt another man, woman or child again!”
“Those were Jews, Melnikova. I thought Cossacks hated Jews.”
“Not this Cossack.”
“Tanya, please, let my husband go,” Nastya begged. “We can sort this out. Emil would never hurt anyone who was obeying the law. We can fix it up. Please, Tanya, stop it.”
Hoffmann felt genuinely embarrassed that the person who held his very life in her hands was sobbing like a little girl. “If you’re the one who has caused me all that trouble these past two months, you’d best kill me now, because I am going to make sure justice is done to you.”
“Emil, please!”
“Shut up, Nastya!” Hoffmann roared.
Tanya jerked herself back and grabbed the gun off the floor, dropping her knife in the process. “I should kill you,” she sniffed. “I should do it. I came here to do it. I convinced myself it would be for the best.” She wiped her eyes with her free hand. “But now I see that you want me to. Then I would be letting you win. Nyet, I cannot do it. I am not a monster like you.” She glanced at Nastya. “I’m sorry, Nastya. I’m sorry you ever met him. Please, go over to your husband and stand there.”
Nastya shook her head. “Tanya, you’re setting yourself up. Please, be reasonable. Why are you doing this to me? I thought you were my friend.”
“I will always be your friend, Nastya,” Tanya choked. “But from now on, I must be your enemy, as long as Hoffmann keeps rounding up and murdering people. Now stand next to him, or I’ll have to shoot him in the leg.”
Nastya did as she said, crying. Hoffmann got to his feet, growling his displeasure.
“I will find you, Tanya. I will find you and make sure you pay for everything you’ve done against the Reich.”
“Then do it,” she replied, backing up towards the window. “Come for me. Come after me. Rest assured I will continue helping anyone you touch. You will not get away with what you’ve done.” Her eyes brimmed with tears again. “I will be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, Hoffmann. I will make sure you’re haunted every day for the rest of your life, after what you did to Adina.”
With that she leapt out the window and was gone, leaving her sword and knife behind.

And Third place goes To Rishona. I'm so glad you entered!! :D I LOVED Your scene. I love the idea of the wedding, it fit the quieter parts of the music so well and also made it different from the other two entries. It was really great!
 I thought it was fun how you all "heard" war scenes from the music. 
So, Great job, Rishona!! Awesome scene!

Martha had just seen her husband off to war and was imagining the dark troubles he was facing. She didn’t know why he had to leave with all their family was going through. But then again part of it was that they needed money; but why right before the wedding?
On the battlefield Steve screamed. “Hurry, get over here.” There was a rushing of people moving in different directions hiding. Guns were going off sounding like fireworks in the distance. All the sudden there was a howl, and the gun shooting stopped. Heart beating loudly Steve dove for the ground as the gun fire started back up. He imagined what war would be like for his daughter’s finance.
There was a scurrying of events in Martha’s house, her daughter Susan was getting married the next day to a soon to be soldier. They ran from their house to the church, where the wedding was to take place, back and forth, over and over.  The wedding was to take place soon.
It was 10:29am on the battlefield the fighting was intense. Steve fell to the ground, silently.
Susan should be excited, after all she was marrying the best man in the world but she felt sad, the wedding was to take place in exactly 16 minutes, at 10:45am. She really wished her Dad would be there to walk her down the aisle. Regardless Susan even through the midst of sadness was excited.
The “I dos” had just taken place. Susan felt as if she was in Heaven, with angles singing sweet songs all around. She was so happy to have just married the most amazing man ever, but that emotion was mixed with a longing for her Dad, and a sadness that her husband needed to fulfill his duty as a solider.
Susan said hugged her husband goodbye, and then went to watch him leave for war. She stood next to her mom and waved goodbye.


  1. Cool stories! I totally forgot to enter :P Next time...

  2. LOVED all the entries! I love how we all wrote something about war in a way. Faith, yours was amazing! So was yours, Rishona! Everyone did a great job. Thanks for doing this, Jesseca! Sorry my piece was so long, I didn't mean to make it so long... ;) The words fell out of my head onto the paper.
    Great job everyone!

  3. Great job girls!
    Emily: your piece was great! Very well wrote! ;)
    Rishona: loved yours! I'm pretty sure I cried when I read it...:)

  4. Great job everyone!
    Aww, thanks Faith!! That is SO SWEET!!

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