Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Mothers day. The day every year where we celebrate Mothers. I am so thankful for the mother God has give to me. There's a quote that I found that says "A mother is the person who can take the place of everyone else, but no one else can take her place." How true is that??? Here's a quick list of everything my mom does for us. (It is NOT at all complete!)
My mom home schools us--she is a teacher
My mom takes us places--she is a van (err taxi) driver.
My mom cooks for us--she is a chef
My mom cares for us when we're sick--she is a nurse
My mom teaches us from the Bible--she is our mentor
My mom helps us with hair, outfits etc.--she is our personal stylist
My mom cleans the house--she is a cleaner
My mom sews for us--she is a seamstress.
And like I said, I've only listed a few! These are thing my Mom (and I'm sure yours as well) has done ever since I was born and she does it without complaint. She could have a job, she could be making money and send us to school, but I'm so thankful that she choose to stay home with us! Not that I'm saying it's wrong if your Mom does work. I'm just saying I'm thankful that my parents (mom especially) have chosen work hard to teach us at home.
Today is the one day that we acknowledge all out Mothers have done for us. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and a special Thank you to my Mom. Happy mothers day, Mom!!


  1. Super post! Thanks for doing it! Did/are you doing anything special for your mom? I made mine a power-point presentation, a card, and will make her like a sign. I also made her lunch and will make her dinner.

    1. Hi Bethany! Yes, my dad, siblings and I cleaned the house and made supper for her and my grandma! :) We had a lot of fun and it sounds like you did to!