Thursday, November 20, 2014

Book review for the week---The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious strangers.

Genre: Mystery

Age range: 6th grade + (But older siblings will enjoy it immensely!)

Author: Rebekah Morris

Description: In the midst of the cold, snowy woods, the Graham Quartet stumble across a mystery. It could mean danger, but that doesn't stop Elsa, Matt, Tim and Selena as they try their best to help a stranger who needs them. But what do Siam, Hong Kong and Vanderbilt have to do with the local furniture factory? And why are so many strangers suddenly appearing and then disappearing in town? With the arrival of an elusive figure, things start moving, while a simple delivery trip may bring more than the Quartet bargained for. Will the four siblings be able to help their friend and their country?

Personal review :)
I LOVE this book!! I originally read it on the Authors blog, and I was thrilled to learn it has come out as a book. . .and what gets better then a family mystery???
It is a book which strongly upholds christian values. I really appreciated that, while it is four siblings solving the mystery, their parents are involved in ever aspect of it. Also, while there are down-to-earth situations, the kids are always reflecting godly character. They go to their parents for advice and are constantly praying that God would help them as the go about solving the mystery.
Okay, so I think you get my point---I can't say enough good things about it!!! :)
I know you'll really enjoy it! Have any of you read it?


  1. Yes! I have read it! I loved it too! (Also read it on Author's blog.. :P) I love the relationships between siblings. :)

  2. I haven't read it. Perhaps I'll see if I can order a copy of it. :) By the way, I saw you and Rebekah did a fan story for the Andi blog. I'll read it as soon as I have time, it looks like a lot of fun! :) Great job you two!