Monday, June 9, 2014

Challenge Christian Camp

This past week (Monday, June 2-Friday, June 7) My siblings Sarah, Benjamin and myself attended Challenge Christian camp. It was their first year to attend, and my second. It is the only camp I have ever gone to, but I would never want to attend any other! The counselors are wonderful, the messages are convicting, and it is truly a blessing to be around others your age who have a heart and a love for God.
The cabins are divided by age. Girls cabins are on one side of the camp and boys on the other. Every night, the boys and girls senior cabins (ages 15-graduating) would play from around 10:30pm-1:00am with the counselors.. It was SOOO much fun! But it resulted in being exhausted by the end of the week :D)Since there is WAY  to much to write about in one post, I will break it up into five different post's, one for each day we were at camp.Hopefully I will be able to post them all rather quickly. Until then, here are some pictures for y'all! :)

Playing Mafia! One of my absolute FAVORITE camp games!!!


Crazy Mafia pic!


Maria again! (Just to give y'all an idea, we played it about 8 different times.)


  1. Ha! Sounds like a lot of fun! (Mafia is a blast!)
    ~ JT

  2. Sound fun. At the camp that i went to last year for the first time we played carpet ball. it was really fun unless you were standing by watching and someone would throw the ball and it would land really hard on your foot. (that happened to me a few times:)

  3. What is carpetball and Mafia?

  4. Sounds like so much fun!! I love playing fact, we were just playing it today with a group of church friends! :)

  5. I saw you had a new post, but only had time to get on here now.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your camp. I'm looking forward to reading more about it.