Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Review: Shiloh Autumn

 Authors:  Bodie and Brock Thoene

In the autumn of 1931, Birch and Trudy Tucker are proud of what they’ve built with their love and labor in Shiloh, Arkansas. The farm produces fine cotton. The pantry and cellar are full of food for the winter. Tom and Bobby are old enough to help with the family chores but young enough to get into mischief. Little Joey is the joy of his mother’s heart.

To the Canfield family—once sharecroppers—Shiloh is a dream come true. Jefferson and Lily, their babies, and his parents, Hock and Willa-Mae, are reunited, and Jefferson farms his own land. Then, on October 1, 1931, disaster strikes. The cotton market collapses in Memphis, and the little town of Shiloh is hit hard. It will take a miracle to save what Birch and Trudy and so many others have labored to build. Yet even the forces of nature seem to conspire against them. . . .

Based on the lives of Bodie's grandparents, Shiloh Autumn is an inspiring story of courage, faith, love, and the healing strength of forgiveness in the face of loss and betrayal.

I love this book! It gives a good history lesson of the great depression-and the events surrounding that time-without actually seeming to be a "history" book. The characters will stay with you for a long time after you've finished the book. What more can I say??? It's a book I highly recommend! :D


  1. Thanks for the review! I'll have to check it out at some point... :)

  2. No way no way no way! You like the Thoene's too? I have read all the previous Shiloh books and I just got this one a week ago. My mom's reading it right now, I can't wait to get my hands on it. :)
    I just finished a Frank Peretti book (I know, he's got some really scary stuff, but this one isn't scary. Just intense.) and I loved it! It was called Illusion, I've been to most of the places he writes about in the book. It was great. A Romance/Time Traveling/Mystery. So fun. :)

    -Calamity Rene

    1. Have you read the Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles by the Thoen's?
      They are really, really good!