Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exchange Seminar: week in review

Hey y'all! I thought I'd do a quick post about what's been going around here.
This past week our church hosted a seminar called The Exchange.
There were meetings everyday Saturday, Febuary 15th-Thursday, Febuary 20th.
On Saturday it was from 9:00am-5:00pm and Monday- Thursday it was 6:45pm-8:45pm.
It was a really in-depth study of how to witness to unbelievers.
Here are some notes I took.

Romans 1:1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of Christ.
Paul- A servent
Paul- Sent by Christ
Paul- Separated to the gospel.

Because the gospel is who we are as belivers;
-We are debtors to Christ
-We are prepared with the gospel
-We are ready to share the gospel.
-We are eager to share the gospel.

I loved what are speaker, Jeff Musgrave said, "Evangelism is as simple as one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread"

"Whenever I am in such intimacy with a souls as to be justified in choosing the subject of conversation, the theme of theme's shall have prominence between us, so that I may learn of that person's need and if possible, meet it."

A divine appointment is when God providentially empowers you to touch a life in which he is already working.
You know you are in a divine app. when...
-You enter a situation and it is obvious God has been at work before you got there.
-The person to whom you are talking tells you someone else has been talking to them about the Lord.
-You see obvious interest or conviction.
-The Lord leads you to say something you wouldn't normally say.
-The timing of the events is obviously from God.
-The person to whom you are talking is dealing with a traumatic event that has pointed him to his spiritual needs
-When a lost person approaches you out of the blue.
-A visitor comes to church without an invatation.
-Someone brings up the Bible, God or spiritual  things in a normal conversation.

Things that make a conversation compelling:
-Be observant
-Ask conversational questions
-Be quiet and listen
-Give a sincere compliment.
-Create a desire to hear the gospel.

What is real Faith?
The essence of Faith;
Faith is not believing that God can, it's believing that God will.
Faith is the access to God, the object of our faith is a great God.

We can speak to other with confidence. God will help us and we have the gospel to answer questions.
Our faith is confidence aimed at the all-powerful word of God.
Our primary relationship with God is a receiving one. Our primary relationship with people is a giving one.

God rewards those who diligently seek him, He wants us to focus on our heavenly reward.

Works are not necessary for salvation, but faith is made perfect in works.

Real faith connects us with God. It's like a power switch we turn on to be energized.
If our life is not infused with God's power, then something is wrong with our faith.

Sarah; the record of a wavering woman.
The laugh of unbelief:
Sarah didn't believe the Lord's promise, in her unbelief she laughed.
The cure for unbelief;

1.The question to remember
Is anything to hard for the Lord?
2.The timing to remember
When God waits, he is drawing attention to himself.
3.The person to remeber
It's not about us, it's about God.
4. The promise to remeber
In due season we shall reap,if we faint not.
We have to let God confront our unbelief,  faith is believing God can for me.

Courageous Faith
1st Samuel 17

David's Cause
Goliath was defying the Lord God
If we are going to have courageous faith, we must put our cause first in our life.

David's confidence.
The Lord was on his side.
The only way to get experience witnessing, is to go do it. The Lord is on our side.
Experience will aid our confidence
Our conficence must be in the Lord.
David's primary purpose fighting Goliath was God's glory, the same must be true in our soul-winning.

David's Challenge
David came out giving his boast in the Lord.
We also have a battle to fight, it is to slay the giant of fear in our own life and win souls for the kingdom.

We had a fun time with the seminar as well as being encouraged and learning a lot. 
Some of our friends went there as well and every night when we were finished we went and played freeze-tag in the foyer of our church. (with our parent's and Pastors permission, of course :)
On Wednesday night we were playing, I was "frozen" and one of my friends ran toward me to un-freeze me. He was running and as he ran past me, he looked up and I looked down and both our heads crashed into each other. I was wearing my glasses and the nose piece cut the side of my nose. It bled a lot. I didn't realize how much till I went in the bathroom and looked down at my skirt, my boots and the carpet where the blood had dropped. It wasn't until later I found out he had been hurt as well.
It's something we tease each other about now. Especially the fact that he gave a girl a bloody nose :-) 

I hope all you have a wonderful week! God bless!



  1. It sounds like a great conference! Well, all except that bloody nose. ;)
    Thanks for sharing your notes. There is a lot in just those few sentences.

  2. ouch! My old pair of glasses cut rubbed against my nose when i took them off at the end of the day there would be a little red spot. But that sounds painful it going into your ear~
    sounds like a neat conference!

  3. Cool.
    i get bloody noses alllllll the time so I know how you feel