Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review---Romantic Expressions--book 3

Hey everyone! It's been waaay to long since I did one of these. :)  Don't worry, I'm not doing a review on a romance novel! We have our spring recital next Friday and, for a change, I thought I'd do a review on a piano book. This is an intermediate level piano book and the song's are really, really pretty!
If you (or anyone you know) plays piano, it is defiantly a book I would recommend! The pieces are simple, but they are enjoyable even if you are at a more advanced level.
The song I'm playing is called "Hills of Purple Heather" and I love it because it has a celtic-y sound. ;) I also really, really love "Shadows at sunset". . .it's beautiful!
These are also perfect to play as background music. Here is a video I found on youtube that has all the songs from the book being played

Every time the pictures changes, a different song is played. Here are the titles in the order they are played.
1. Springtime in my heart
2. Moonlight Reverie
3. Winter Splendor
4. Faded dreams
5. Hills of purple Heather
6. To Catch a dream
7. Shadows at sunset
8. Enchanted Waterfall

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  1. They are beautiful... my favorites are probably "Hills of Purple Heather", "Shadows at Sunset", and "Faded Dreams". :)