Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas givaway!!

The Christmas DVD giveaway is for Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas!
There is a chance for each blog reader to have two entries into this giveaway.
#1. Comment on the blog and tell me how I met/know you :)
#2. Comment on the blog and tell me your favorite holiday movie!
Have fun!!


  1. Ooo! I totally want to enter! Two Entries? So do I have to comment twice?
    You met me through Mrs. Marlow's blog!
    My favorite holiday movie is probably, "It's a Wonderful Life", very funny, but thought provoking... :)

  2. I know you from New Hope Bible Church in KS and mostly when you came to our house for a sleepover.

    1. and my favorite Christmas movie is probably Mandie and the forgotten Christmas. :)

  3. I met you through Susan Marlow's Andi's blog. :) My favorite Christmas movie is "a Muppet's Christmas Carol", or "It's a Wonderful Life." I love both those films! :D

  4. i met you in my cabin at Challenge Christian Camp in KS and i found your blog when i friended you on
    Google plus. my favorite Christmas movie is "The Muppet's Christmas Carol".

  5. I'm not exactly sure how we met, which is funny! I knew you at both of ours old church....But I didn't really know you till you guys came over to our house and we exchanged books and emails!!!
    My favorite movie is probably the one you are giving away! Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas.