Monday, April 28, 2014

Field trip. Destination...Sedwick County Fire Station 34!

Today we had an unexpected twist to our school day. We went on a field trip. No one but Mom and our Homeschool group teacher knew about it until lunch...which made it all the more fun!
It was really amazing to go on the tour of the fire house and the trucks. I never realized before all that the firemen do. The one phrase that really caught my attention was what Firemen Chad said as he took us through the exercise room. Someone in our group asked why they exercise so much every day. His answer was, "We have to stay fit in order to do our job. Our health depends on it and you depend on it. If we aren't physically ready to meet what ever comes up, we endanger ourselves and and those who are depending on us." I had never taken into consideration how a fireman's job affects his life. And untimely ours as well.
Firefighters' Justin and Chad were both great tour guides and did a great job answering questions and enacting their job for us! It was a lot of fun!
Anyway, here's the pictures!
Tour of the Kitchen with Fireman Chad.
Fireman Chad
Tour of the exercise room. The guy leaning against the treadmill is fireman Justin.
Tour of the hazardous material truck with Fireman Chad.
Hazardous materials truck. Fireman Chad Turned on the lights, which startled me. We were suddenly surrounded in red!
Equipment in the truck.
Hazardous materials truck.
The room where the shifts that aren't on call keep their Equipment.
Inside the truck.
As a precaution, if the computers go out...they always have the books!
Inside the truck with Fireman Chad.
Jesse watching Fireman Justin.
Watching fireman Justin put on 75 pounds of equipment! The air tank is extremely heavy, you'd have to have strong shoulders!

Fireman Chad giving us a tour of the truck.
Fireman Justin dressed in all the equipment...all 75 pounds worth!

Also, here is a link to watch a video of how fast Fireman Justin could put on the equipment. They are supposed to have it on and be in the truck in 1 minute 30 seconds. He got it done in 1 minute 15 seconds. It was really neat!
(The link will take you to where the video was uploaded on my moms facebook. It will only take you to the recorded video. Nothing else.)


  1. Thanks, Jesseca. That sounds interesting. I have vague memories of doing a field trip to the fire station when I was young, but that was so long ago, I'm sure I've forgotten many things. :) I'm still hoping they'll do a "Citizens' Fire Department Academy" sometime. :)

  2. Sounds Fun!
    Did you slide down the pole?

  3. Whoa! Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun! It was almost like we went on the trip with you! Thanks so much! :D

    1. I'm glad y'all enjoyed it! :P
      Did the link work for any of you?

  4. Yes i watched it !!

  5. My dad's a volunteer fireman so I've enjoyed going in the firetruck many times. Sometimes He goes on fires and medicals in the middle of the night!

  6. Sounds like you had the first few Carter's their.Justin and Chad. :)