Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book/Series Review: Adventures of the Northwoods

Hey y'all! I hope you're having a wonderful week. Here in Wichita, KS our week started out with 70 degree weather on Monday. All my siblings were outside almost all day and I heard of a new season I'd never known of before :)
Caleb: "It's so warm out today it can't be winter." 
Faith: "Caleb, spring doesn't start until March 20th. That's ten day's from now so it's still winter."
Caleb: "No, it's just Early Spring."
Faith: "There's no such thing as early spring. There's only winter then spring."
Caleb: "No, early spring comes after winter and before spring. 
Sometimes younger siblings say the cutest thing!

Adventures of the Northwoods series by Lois Walfrid Johnson

The Adventures of the Northwoods series is a ten book series set on a Wisconsin farm in the early 1900s.
When 12-year-old Kate O'Connell's  beloved daddy dies in a construction accident, Kate's mother works hard to make ends meet. Kate, wanting to see Mamma happy and laughing again, goes to the pastor of their church and, without her mothers knowledge, asks him to find another husband for her. A husband that would make Mamma laugh again and take the shadows out of her eyes.
When the answer comes, Kate is quite shocked. Mr. Nordstrom lives in the woods of Wisconsin on a farm 11 miles from the closest "town". Kate begs Mamma not to, but she marries him and Kate and her Mother become a part of the Nordstrom family. With one older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister, Kate has a lot of adjusting to do.  And how can she ever bring herself to call Mr. Nordstrom Papa?
Slowly, Kate begins to adjust to these changes and eventually comes to the point  where she can feel part of her new family, and proud of the name Kathrine Nordstrom.

I love these books!! I have read through the series probably 7-8 times. I just now started it again and I'm on book 4. I love the way Christian values are taught and woven through the books as well as the mystery's in them that keep you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend theses books to anyone who enjoys mystery's as well as books that  are christian and family-centered. I also like that the kids never try to 'hide' things from their parents or other adults. (Except in book 2 and Kate soon learns that "Your sins will find you out!")

What are some books you all like to read?
I'd love to hear about them. I'm always looking for another good book to read!


  1. Oh my! That sounds like an amazing book series!!! Is that the same author who wrote The Riverboat Adventure series? (Now called Freedom Seekers) Have you read them?

    1. It is the same author!
      My favorite book series is the Viking Quest by Lois Walfrid Johnson and Circle C Adventures!

    2. As Rishona, said, yes it is and Yes I have read them. I love them!! All her books/series are so good!! The absolutely some of my favorites!

  2. I am just now getting to your blog this week, Jesseca, because our internet hasn't been working right.

    I have never read that series, but I have read others.
    I'm trying to think of what book(s) to recommend to you and am finding it difficult as I've read so many really good books! Okay, here are 5 books.

    "A Chance to Die" by Elisabeth Elliot
    "How They Kept the Faith" by Grace Raymond
    "Growing Up Duggar" by Jana, Jill, Jessa & Jinger Duggar (I just finished reading this and it was really good!)
    "Mag and Margaret" by Isabella Alden (Pansy) (You can download and listen to this from )
    "Triple Creek Ranch—Unbroken" by Rebekah A. Morris (Is it bad form to recommend your own books? :) )

    Have you read any of these?

    1. My mom just got me "Growing up Duggar" and I'm loving it! I haven't tried the other books. I'll have to check them out!
      No, I don't think it's wrong to recommend your own books. I'd like to try it sometime :)