Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Contemporary Christian songs.......

I hope y'all don't mind all the songs on the blog this week! I am 'experimenting' with the blog. After this week I'll just post one song a week.
This is my favorite contemporary christian song. So, I'm just curious, how many of you listen to contemporary christian music? For those of you that do, what is your favorite song:/artist?


  1. I don't listen to Contemporary Christian music, so I don't have a favorite artist or song. :)

    Here's another idea for a new "Andi" story. I thought I'd post it here so the others wouldn't all read about it. :)

    How about one when Andi decides to break her word to the bad guys and tells her brothers. :) (I guess I'm just tired of her not telling when she should. ) Then you could have how her brothers work to foil the bad guys' plans. :)

    Or, you could write one from the perspective of one of her brothers when Andi is up to something and show what they are feeling and thinking. :) That would be a new twist.

    1. I like the idea of writing from one of her brother's perspective!!!

    2. now i know what song you are always telling me you like! Yes i have heard it once on the radio!
      My absolute favorite is Colton Dixon You Are
      And i like all of toby macs songs